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According to official estimates, about 500-700 single family offices exist in Germany. We have personal knowledge of nearly 1,000, as well as about 5,000 other high net worth individuals, who invest via asset management and investment companies in a variety of areas; some of them focus on real estate, others on start-ups (venture capital), private equity or shares, while others invest primarily in the private luxury segment, such as exclusive car collections, art or yachts. 

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The high-net-worth and family office scene is understandingly very discreet and therefore non-transparent. Official figures on investments are often just as difficult to find as the names of the respective owners or decision makers. We are here to help to shed light on the subject and provide lists and contact details of family offices from all kinds of areas, so that you can get exactly the information you need. 

family offices from the venture capital and real estate sectors

Here you will find family offices that primarily invest in specific areas, such as venture capital or real estate, including background information, owners, contact details and sample investments:

german venture capital and real estate investors


  • Mezzanine funding providers and quasi-equity investors
  • Real estate investors
  • Private equity investors
  • Venture capital or start-up investors (business angels)
  • Share buyers


The establishment of a (family) foundation has many advantages for high net worth individuals and, contrary to popular belief, does not have to be charitable, but often aims at preserving family wealth and the predictable transfer of authority. It does not come as a surprise that numerous UHNWIs invest their money in foundations. This area is one of the most discreet, as many foundations operate in the background. Our listings are therefore, in this level of detail, certainly unique:

german and austrian family foundations list


  • German private family foundations, corporate foundations and dual foundations that invest primarily in real estate
  • Austrian private foundations, with details of family offices and in which areas investments are made (real estate / start-ups)

Germany's most successful entrepreneurs, founders & managers

More lists on wealthy Germans and their family offices. The earned assets do not always come from generational transmission or from family offices. Many have managed to achieve great financial prosperity and hold powerful positions:

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  • The richest citizens of Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and other German cities
  • Top managers of the most successful companies in Germany, listed on DAX, MDAX, SDAX, TechDAX and family businesses
  • The most successful German start-up multimillionaires and in which areas they invest their assets


In the collector category you will not only find information and details about the valuable collections themselves and their owners, but also about personal companies, such as family offices or real estate companies. Here you can also find out how to contact these persons, their managers or asset managers:

luxury buyers worldwide-yachts-art-oldtimer-car-collectors-lists
  • the largest and most expensive privately owned yachts worldwide and their owners
  • the most valuable private art collections worldwide and the people behind them
  • the largest and most exclusive car collections (vintage cars, supercars, special orders)
  • owners of private jets worldwide

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real estate lists

Who holds the largest real estate assets in Germany? Who owns Berlin? Who invests in your real estate project, by providing mezzanine funding or equity capital? Which family offices, foundations, churches, pension funds or wealthy individuals are interested in buying or selling real estate? Find the answers here!

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institutional investors

Which institutional investors invest in real estate in Germany, Europe or worldwide? Which pension funds, insurance companies and which pension benefits plans are the big players and in which asset classes do they primarily invest? How can you contact them? More here