Real estate: lists of the largest private and institutional real estate investors in Germany and the DACH region

Not only wealthy private individuals with their family offices and investment companies, but also institutions such as insurance companies, pension funds and churches invest on a large scale in the German real estate industry. Some of them do so in a low profile and discrete, others specialize in very specific asset classes, such as residential, commercial or hotel real estate, while others again prefer to invest in real estate abroad. For project designers and property developers, for example, who are looking for contacts amongst real estate investors or property owners in order to realize their projects, it is not always easy to filter out exactly the most suitable companies from the multitude of corporations.

At Family Office Research you will find the most important and influential names in the industry, filterable by asset classes, preferred investment regions, investment volumes, sample projects, direct contact with transaction managers or the management, and much more.

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All real estate lists

Below you will find an overview of our lists, ordered by subject. With our datasets you get immediate access to the most important and relevant players in the real estate industry, including background information resulting from our experience within the industry. Our data is of unique quality, detail, depth and accuracy and is guaranteed not to be available anywhere else in the German market. 

Institutional real estate investors

Institutional investors are legal entities with specialist market knowledge, extensive industry experience and access to all capital markets and financial instruments. They usually invest large amounts of foreign capital on behalf of their clients or in the economic interest of the owners:

Institutional real estate investors in germany
  • Pension funds in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region)

  • Pension benefits plans in Germany
  • Churches and dioceses in Germany
  • Insurance companies in Germany
  • (Housing) construction companies and cooperative societies
  • International real estate investors




Private real estate investors

Private real estate investors are today appearing on the market with increasing frequency. As the name suggests, private money is invested here. These can be large scale amounts often in the multi-millions, involving investors from the circle of high net worth individuals and their family offices:

private real estate investors and developers in germany
private real estate investors and developers in germany


  • Family offices and investment companies

  • (Family) foundations in Germany and Austria

  • Mezzanine funding and equity capital providers

  • Regional focus real estate investors in Germany and the DACH-region

Asset classes and specialization

Whenever the real estate industry talks about investment or asset classes, it usually refers to the various types of use, such as residential, office, commercial, hotel, logistics or care properties. Many investors focus on certain asset classes to avail of the greatest opportunities or because they have the most experience in these areas:

asset classes-data center developer, nursing home-co-living investors in germany
  • Portfolio buyers in Germany

  • Forward deal buyers in Germany

  • Co-living / micro living / student apartments

  • Data center developers in Germany and worldwide

  • Nursing and retirement home operators, developers & buyers

  • Commercial forestry plantations & forestry funds


Real estate specialists & service providers around real estate

Around the real estate industry there are numerous service providers and experts, who require very specific licenses. As real estate asset managers and operators, it is almost impossible to do without them, since they ensure the successful handling of projects with their experience and knowledge of the industry:

real estate experts and specialists
  • Property managers in Germany

  • Real estate agents in Germany

  • PropTechs in Germany

  • Largest list of real estate contacts in Germany and worldwide

  • Financial backers of real estate projects

  • Due Diligence providers


Other real estate lists

In this section you will find further lists on the real estate topic, which will help you with your next project. Starting with the profitability analysis of projects, through the effective preparation of investor meetings, to the right press contacts to promote your project: 

real estate lists-calculation aid-mezzanine


  • Checklist for mezzanine funding

  • Calculation aid for project managers and developers

  • Press contacts of the most important real estate magazines (online & offline)


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institutional investors

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